By Seanna Cohen, Holistic Skin Care Therapist

Busy moms often admit that their skincare routines go out the door when faced with the demands of motherhood. The truth is though skin undergoes so many changes during this time of life –with the physical affects of stress and hormonal changes—that it’s important to care for now more than ever to look and feel your best.

Instead of going without, try these easy time saving skincare tips:

Wash your face only one time per day (preferably in the evening).

This not only saves time, but also helps keeps the skin’s natural oils intact which is so important for combating sensitivities and dry skin.

Keep a few essential skincare products on your bedside table.

For those nights when your skincare routine is the last thing on your mind, keep pre-moistened cleansing cloths beside your bed so that you’ll never fall asleep without cleansing your face and removing your makeup. Also keep a bottle of antioxidant rich oil nearby –like argan or rosehip—which will heal and repair your skin while you sleep. The skin repairs itself most effectively while at rest. Don’t deny it this necessary opportunity; apply a nourishing oil or moisturizer before bed.

 Use multi-tasking products.

If you only have time to apply one product on your face in the morning, make sure it’s sunscreen. UV protection is especially important during and immediately after pregnancy since hormone changes can cause hyper pigmentation and sensitivities, which are worsened by sun exposure. Fortunately, there are many mineral sunscreens available on the market that provide all- in-one sheer coverage, SPF, and moisturizing ingredients.

Keep a pump bottle of body lotion next to the shower.

It doesn’t seem like a huge task to open the cupboard, grab the lotion and pop the bottle cap, but believe me, by keeping the lotion handy and easily accessible, you’re more likely to use it. The best time to apply lotion is immediately after the shower while your skin is still damp. This allows your skin to easily absorb the lotion keeping it well hydrated and healthy.

Want to learn more? Seanna will be joining us at the Annex location, offering holistic facials and expert skin care advice starting this April!