At Innate Wellness we support clean non-toxic beauty lines and Graydon is no exception. It is Canadian Plant Powered Skincare!

The name comes from the Founder, Graydon Moffat, who’s mission is to harness the power of plant-based ingredients plus superfoods to make skincare which nourishes your skin from the outside in.


Q&A with Graydon Moffat:

How did you become interested in non-toxic skincare?

“It mostly came from a food background. I lived in California for quite a few years. I was exposed to the wellness community in Santa Monica through yoga. It was an exciting time in the 90’s where the first hip vegan cafes were opening up and I was cooking and doing a home delivery business at the time.”

How did you decide to start making your own?

“When I moved to Toronto I got involved in one of Toronto’s first yoga teacher training programs at Downward Dog. I taught Yoga and shortly after that I started making my own products, because I had experience in the kitchen it wasn’t a weird transition for me to start doing personal care.  I was defusing the super foods in my pantry, so I came at this in a novel way. I eventually found a manufactory company.”

What’s the biggest mistake people make with their skin, in your opinion?

“Not washing your face at night, just falling asleep exhausted and I am guilty of it sometimes too. Literally with your clothes on, your phone on your chest, and your makeup still on, which then just sits and solidifies on your face and into your pores for, if you are lucky 8 hours.”

Do you wash your face Morning and Night? If so why?

“If you have a good night-time regime, then not everybody needs to wash their face in the morning. A shower or splash of water on your face, you’re pretty good to go. If you have a great morning regime, that’s wonderful and preferable, but a proper cleanse and moisturize at night will last you. I believe keeping it simple and create a routine you can stick to.”

Tell us about your personal skin care regime in the summer.  Is it different in winter? 

“In the summer I tend to be a lot more sheer and quick. I personally use a squirt of super food serum, a squirt of face glow (our sun-orientated product), and lastly a spray of our face food, which is our mineral mist.”

What is the best piece of advice you have about using your skincare products? 

“Serum is potent and all you really need is one little drop, if you use too much its not going to feel great. There’s a perception that because it has all these beneficial ingredients that more is better, but in fact it can overwhelm your skin.”

What skincare ritual do you consider personally irrelevant? 

“Some people just use a serum for moisturizer, I personally think that’s not always appropriate. I would say a simple moisturizer over a serum, if you were only going to use one. There’s a time a place for serums and just on their own are not always appropriate for the majority of complexions. Moisturizers act as a barrier and it’s hard for a serum to moisturize and anti-age. It’s hard to be a stand-alone product, even though it’s very trendy it’s tricky on a long term basis.”

What is your favourite Graydon product?

“We have a diverse line. We have face, body, hair, and lifestyle. I like different products for different reasons. I really do like multitasking products and look for value. Our elixir oil is a great versatile product. I have been going up north and that is my one go to because it’s oil base. I can wash my face with it, it’s in a 100ml bottle, so it’s a great size, and it’s also great moisturizer, especially after the sun. Sometimes people do hair treatments with it. The blend is lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood.”

What is your mantra?

“Beauty lies within. That came from my Grandmother. What you put on and in your body manifest on your skin, so beauty lies within literally lies within your stomach.”