Q&A with Dr. Alexia Georgousis, Nautropathic Doctor

Dr. Alexia is joining the Innate Wellness Team in the Annex. She is a naturopathic veteran with 20 years of experience! Visit her bio to learn more about her experience and read our interview below to learn more about her style of practice!

Q1: Alexia, what is your inspiration for practicing as a naturopathic doctor?

My inspiration for practicing as a Naturopathic doctor comes from the clients. There is something so powerful, so incredibly authentic in working with a client from a naturopathic perspective. Each time I am reminded of my own vulnerability as a human being.  It takes courage to truly get to know ourselves holistically and to trust our our own wisdom.  In a world where fear, destruction and pain are swirling around us, taking responsibility for our health is my opinion, radical activism because by doing so, we become better people who create a better world. This is inspiration!

Q2: What are some of the most memorable health lessons you have learned as a naturopathic doctor in your years in practice?

  • Healing is not linear
  • Simple changes are the most impactful
  • Healing is different from curing

Q3: What is unique about the way you approach naturopathic practice?

My practice style is eclectic using natural and effective medicines intended to treat the whole person—Mind, Body, and Spirit. I approach naturopathic practice from a holistic and integrated perspective. Humans are an entity made up of many systems, and when one system is out of alignment, it will impact the whole. I have found the most lasting shifts in health come from choosing to re-align with the Vis or healing power of nature.  Learning about who you are as well as your health concerns, helps me provide a treatment plan that addresses the root cause of any issue.  I incorporate various meditation and mindfulness practices to include the spiritual component of health.

Q4: Do you have an favourite quotes or words of wisdom for your patients?

You are your own healer—learn to trust your inner voice.