Now that summer has finally arrived and we will be soaking g up some much needed sun, it is important to chose a safe sunscreen that will do more good rather than more harm.

There are a few ingredients to avoid that will trigger allergic reactions and act as a hormone disruptor. At the top of the list is oxybenzone. It is added to stabilize ayobenzone, a UVA-blocker. A safer option would be to find a sunscreen with UVA protection in mineral-based sunscreens containing titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.

Retinyl palminate is a form of Vitamin A that is added to cosmetic products because manufacturers believe it slows aging skin. The issue with Vitamin A in sunscreen is that it may speed the development of tumours and lesions when applied to the skin in the presence of sunlight.

In addition to being more toxic for the body, chemical sunscreens trap heat under the skin, which can be irritating for dry & red, inflamed skin. For the best sunscreen solution, be sure to find a mineral based sunscreen which provides a physical barrier as it blocks UV rays.

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