By Dr. Lara Spector ND

A vacation is an exciting time for most, however for the some of us who experience health issues when away, anxiety can override this excitement. Whether it’s motion sickness, travel anxiety or food poisoning, being prepared with go-to remedies that work, can help you in feeling calm and re-assured.

Homeopathics are fast-acting, natural remedies that can help with most travel related ailments. These remedies are free of side effects and do not interact with conventional therapies. Homeopathic remedies are based on the principle that “like cures like” and certain remedies are chosen based on the similarity to the specific symptoms the person is experiencing.

The follow are the most effective homeopathic travel remedies:

 Aconite 30Cfear of flying, general anxiety, sudden onset of cold/flu symptoms

 Arsenicum album 30C – for food poisoning or acute illnesses with vomiting, nausea or diarrhea, anxiety

 Arnica 30C – for any trauma, muscle strain, exhaustion, sore or bruising, sprained ankles or head injuries

 Apis 30C – for allergic reactions, insect bites, swelling, redness

Belladonna 30Csunstroke, throbbing headache, fever

Cantharis 30C – for very painful, blistering sunburns (use urtica urens if it is a mild sunburn)

 China 200C – excessive bloating, gas, gastrointestinal problems, malaria, loss of body fluids (e.g. diarrhea)

 Nux Vomica 30C – sickness that feels like a hangover, nausea, desire to vomit but can’t, headache, chills

 Urtica urens 30C – mild sunburn, itching (following insect bites)


Bon voyage!