with Kathleen Regan, ND

Have you been struggling with weight loss? Or wondering why you gain fat in some areas but not in others. Not all fat is created equal! And although it seems like fat just sits there and does nothing – it is actually quite active.

For example, visceral fat that forms deep within the abdomen is more dangerous to your overall well being. It is associated with diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease. The good new is – fat buried deep in the abdomen is the easiest fat to lose! It is most responsive to diet & lifestyle changes that help to shed fat cells and build lean muscle.

Understanding your body and how it all works is the first step to a successful weightless plan. Want to learn more about how to tackle the belly bulge?!

Come join me on Saturday January 24th at 1pm at Eden Pilates. We will be doing a combined Pilates Session & Naturopathic Talk aimed at getting you in the head space for sustainable weight loss.


  • Learn about the different types of body fat 
  • Learn about how to use Pilates to achieve your fitness goals
  • Learn dietary tools to compliment you fitness goals
  • Understand how blood sugar, hormonal balance and inflammation contribute to weight loss
  • Take home specific tips on foods & natural medicines that will help you achieve results!