Libido & Fertility

By Dr. Kathleen Regan, ND

No discussion of fertility is complete without talking about sex drive, or libido. Little interest in having sex can influence the likelihood of becoming pregnant for obvious reasons. As well, trying to conceive can be stressful which influences libido and your hormones. Yet, this can be a really difficult subject for women to bring up despite the fact that about 40% of women report some type of sexual dysfunction.

Healthy sex consists of 4 important phases: desire, arousal, orgasm, and resolution. Low libido can be caused by problems in any of the first 3 phases.

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder: Women who don’t experience sexual fantasies or desire for sexual activity occurs in about 5-46% of the population (with post-menopausal populations expressing higher rates).

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder: Women who experience insufficient lubrication-swelling response to sexual excitement occurs in about 8-21% of the population.

Female Orgasmic Disorder: Women who have unusual difficulty reaching an orgasm occurs in about 4 – 24% of the population.

Dyspareunia: Women who don’t like having sex due to persistent pain during intercourse (not due to infection or lack of lubrication) occurs in about 3-18% of the population. […]

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Feel & Look Fabulous for your Valentine!

By Seanna Cohen, Holistic Facial Expert

The season of love is upon us . . . yet it’s the middle of the winter and dry harsh weather is probably wreaking havoc on your skin. Don’t let that stop you though from feeling and looking your best! Get healthy glowing skin with these three simple tips.


Pack to Snack with Healthy Airplane Meals

By Liane Wansbrough, CNP

Airplane food has never been very good—even when it was free. Now that most major airlines charge for meals we’re usually stuck with a mismatched medley of junk food and bland, dodgy looking sandwiches.

Preparing food for trips takes some planning but the rewards are definitely worth it. Having access to fresh fruit, a handful of almonds and some good quality dark chocolate can make a long, cramped flight that much more bearable. Bringing your own snacks can also help you bypass the fast food while in transit.

If time allows I usually try to set myself up (and my kids) for travel by taking the time to eat a good quality meal before we leave for the airport. Then I pack a variety of snacks that will make it through security and last until we get on the plane. […]

Homeopathic Travel First Aid Kit

By Dr. Lara Spector ND

A vacation is an exciting time for most, however for the some of us who experience health issues when away, anxiety can override this excitement. Whether it’s motion sickness, travel anxiety or food poisoning, being prepared with go-to remedies that work, can help you in feeling calm and re-assured.

Homeopathics are fast-acting, natural remedies that can help with most travel related ailments. These remedies are free of side effects and do not interact with conventional therapies. Homeopathic remedies are based on the principle that “like cures like” and certain remedies are chosen based on the similarity to the specific symptoms the person is experiencing.


Holiday Eating Survival Tips

With Liane Wansbrough, CNP

If you look forward to traditional holiday feasts with a combination of delight and dread—you aren’t alone. Buffets, holiday cookies and gatherings centered on food are surefire ways to trigger overeating. Here are my top 3 personal strategies for holiday eating survival:

Keep Ahead of Hunger

Starting a meal in an overly ravenous state […]

5 Nutrition Tips for Glowing Winter Skin

By Dr. Kathleen Regan, ND

Looking for a natural solution to grey, dull winter skin? Remember that beauty begins on the inside. Try these simple naturopathic nutrition tips to keep your complexion glowing this winter season.

Minimize Alcohol
Choose Herbal, Skin Building Teas
Don’t Cut Out All Carbs
Cod Liver Oil


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Cosmetic Acupuncture: How Does it Work?

By Dr. Lara Spector, ND

Also known as facial rejuvenation acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture is a safe, non-surgical treatment designed to reduce the signs of aging. It is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

This highly effective treatment involves inserting very thin disposable needles into various points in the face and body for a treatment which […]

How to Avoid the 3pm Slump (and Stabilize your Blood Sugar)

By Joelle Mintzberg, CNP

It’s almost 3:00pm and you’re starting to feel shaky, irritable, and a little lightheaded. All it takes is one trip to the staff lunchroom because you are just about ready to eat anything in sight.

It’s an awful feeling that can interfere with our daily happenings. Most of us know the feeling and can relate to what is known as the blood sugar crash.

The main issue is that the foods that you rely on for a surge of energy (donuts, cookies, and other high carbohydrate foods) are actually causing you to crash. The good think is that in eliminating these foods, you can begin to balance your blood sugar levels.

Here is how it works. […]

The Truth about Arginine, Lysine and Herpes

with Dr. Kathleen Regan, ND

Oral herpes is a virus (HSV-1) that can become chronic in the body by remaining dormant in the nervous system. It is able to hide from the immune system in this way however, when immunity is low, it creeps back down the nerves to the skin where it causes cold sores. Keeping our immunse system in tip top shape is one way we can fight this virus but watching our dietary intake of arginine and lysine can also help.


14 Day Soup & Salad Refresh Program

with Dr. Kathleen Regan, ND

I have to admit, the holiday season gets a little decadent around my home. Each year when January rolls around I get back to my gym routine with heavy feet. Suddenly, a short jog seems a little more doable than a longer run.

This is a light little cleanse I do to […]

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