It’s a bit early to think ‘back-to-school’. Yikes! Starting a little early will help your child experience the health benefits before they are back in routine. Supplements can provide a natural advantage for your child by supporting immune function, physical growth, and concentration. This can keep your child feeling healthy, fit and focused!

Here are the Top 5 Recommendations from Innate Wellness Health Shop:

#1 – Kid’s One Daily by MegaFood

IMG_2691IMG_2691IMG_2693MegaFoodMulti-vitamins help ensure that your child is getting their daily requirements of vitamins and minerals. From boosting the immune system to supporting growth, a well designed multi is a great idea for your child! This multi-vitamin is designed to nourish, nurture and protect. Mega Food is one of the rare ‘whole food’ supplement companies. This means that all of their vitamins and minerals are sourced from real food. No additives, no preservatives, no capsules!

#2 – HMF Child Probiotic Formula by Genestra

HMF ChildChewable! Black Currant Flavour! 12.5 billion bacterial active, live organisms! Probiotics help to establish healthy gut bacteria, which supports immune function and healthy digestion amongst many other benefits. Seroyal’s HMF line is research driven and clinically tested.



#3 – DHA Junior (fish oil) by Nordic Naturals

DHA JuniorChew or swallow! DHA Junior contains DHA, EPA, Vitamin D and Vitamin A. This formula is designed to support brain function and visual function – a key supplement for concentration and focus in the classroom.




#4 – Warrior Blend – Raw Protein by Sunwarrior

Raw ProteinChocolate, Vanilla or Natural taste. Bake it into muffins or throw it in a morning smoothie with high antioxidant berries, banana, kefir and some fiber. Add some nut butter for taste. Kids love this combo! Protein helps to keep your child feeling full and focused. It also provides amino acids that support muscular growth, nervous system and immune system function.


#5 – Rescue Remedy by Bach

Rescue RemedyBack to school jitters? Many kids spend sleepless nights leading up to the first days of school. Rescue Remedy is a great, natural sleep aid that helps to relieve feelings of mild anxiety. A dropper in water before bed will help to promote a calm, deep sleep.