By Dr. Angelina Riopel, ND

Bach Flower Essences are gentle yet very effective remedies to help support the stages of development and emotional difficulties with children. Flower Essences are prescribed based on the child’s state of mind, which may include their worries, fears and mood. They work on an emotional level, helping to balance these emotional states, which can help support their mood, behavior as well as physical symptoms.

“…the mood of the little one is the most sensitive guide to show what that particular patient needs” – Dr. Edward Bach

Children do not conceal their emotions and their behavior typically reflects their feelings, so determining which Flower Essence is needed can be quite simple. Physical symptoms such as illness or an injury can bring about a change in mood or disposition, and this mood is how we would determine which remedy is right for them at that time.

Flower Essences can be given as individually or in combination.   I love them and use them often in my practice. I make remedies in specific combinations based on the current emotional state, situation and constitution of the individual.

Flower Essences can be used in many different circumstances and are very helpful as support for new events like starting school, difficulties with others or fears. Here is a simple guide for using Flower Essences that is specific to Children.


Walnut is a wonderful remedy that helps ease difficult transitions.

Chicory is a remedy that can help with those children who have difficulty letting go, for attachment issues and difficulty being separated from their parents.

Mimulus is helpful if there is a fear around beginning or going back to school, or starting something new.



White Chestnut can help calm the mind from thoughts that go round and round and preventS the child from falling asleep.

Mimulus can help if there is a known fear associated with their difficulty sleeping.



Aspen is a great remedy to help calm general nervousness or anxiety.

Mimulus is helpful for children that have many fears or very specific fears of everyday things, such as dogs.

White Chestnut is a remedy that can help children that may hide their fears or feelings but will brood over their difficulties and have recurring thoughts that go round and round in their heads.



Holly is a helpful remedy if the child suffers from jealousy, envy or revenge.

Larch is wonderful to help improve self-confidence.

Clematis can be helpful to improve socialization in those children who lack interest in others. They may live in a world of their own.



Clematis can help improve focus for those children who tend to daydream and lack interest .