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February is the month of love, passion and the one organ that without, we just wouldn’t be. Our Hearts are our lives; it works hard for us each and every day, so its imperative to provide it with all the love, nourishment and nutrients it needs from the inside out.

This Superfood smoothie […]

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The end of summer always calls for new routines, less time in the mornings and back to school for kids, and parents. This means quick, easy and HEALTHY snacks for everyone in the household.

Below is one of my favorite recipes to make, especially now when cherries are still in season. It’s delicious, simple, extremely healthy, and easy to make and requires no backing, fuss or mess. Get the kids involved for a fun back-to-school activity, and I promise you this will be a go to during the school year and even holiday time as a Hostess gift or dessert. (You can also sub it with banana’s, strawberries, blueberries, the options are endless.)


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Get Your Glow On With Green Juice

Summer is the season to juice. As the mercury rises our bodies naturally crave water rich foods, such as raw fruits and vegetables. They are nature’s perfect hydrators, while still packing a nutritional profile. This means you’re able to cool down your body’s internal fire by consuming an abundance of raw produce at your local Health Shop and Farmer’s Market.

Now take that produce, run it through the juicer, and you have THE ultimate summer beverage. Full of phytonutrients, living enzymes, vitamins and minerals, that will give you a ‘glow’ that no summer bronzer or illuminator will do.

How to get a juice-loving lifestyle beyond the bottle and into your kitchen?


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