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Eat Healthy Without Starving

By Liane Wansbrough, CNP, NNCP

Many healthy-eating plans get derailed around 3pm when the brain starts calling for sugar. If we’re hungry at this time of day it’s easy to get seriously sidetracked by muffins, pretzels or the office candy dish. This is where a little planning can make it a lot easier to pass on the junk food. Healthy, targeted snacks that have a combination of protein, fat or fiber can help you stay on track with your weight loss goals by keeping your blood sugar balanced and energy level high. Another advantage of a snack is that you don’t feel famished when you sit down to meals. Here are a few ideas to get you started: […]

The Inside Scoop on Weight Loss with Liane Wansbrough

With Liane Wansbrough, CNP, NNCP

Holistic Nutritionist, Liane, is passionate about helping patients to navigate their nutritional needs despite their busy lifestyles. As a mother of 2, she understands that cooking for yourself, let alone your whole family can be a challenge. So many people come to Innate Wellness seeking help with weight loss, which is an area of special interest for Liane. We decided to ask her about her biggest challenges and successes when helping clients lose weight.

Q1: First off, there are so many different weight loss programs. You must get tonnes of questions on what program is the best. Do you have a favourite weight loss philosophy? 

There is a reason for unwanted behaviors such as overeating. It’s helping us deal with discomfort and stress—things in our life that aren’t easy to deal with. I believe that coupling quality food choices along with awareness around the emotional driving forces, usually stress-related, in a person’s life provides a good framework for working with weight loss. In terms of specific dietary strategies, I think there is a lot of merit to returning to a plant based, traditional diet—meaning foods that our great grandparents would have eaten. That eliminates most refined, processed food and is a powerful shift towards a nutrient dense diet that’s not only good for weight loss but overall health. […]

Tata Harper Spa Menu NEW at Innate Wellness Health Shop

We are pleased to announce the Tata Harper Spa Menu NEW at Innate Wellness Health Shop
Discover your ideal skin care with Tata Harper Introduction Facials, each one of them designed to deliver results to achieve your most beautiful and glowing skin. Available by appointment with Seanna Cohen, Holistic Skin Expert. Please call or email to book your appointment.


Skin Saving Beauty Tips for Time Pressed Moms

By Seanna Cohen, Holistic Skin Care Therapist

Busy moms often admit that their skincare routines go out the door when faced with the demands of motherhood. The truth is though skin undergoes so many changes during this time of life –with the physical affects of stress and hormonal changes—that it’s important to care for now more than ever to look and feel your best.

Instead of going without, try these easy time saving skincare tips: […]

FAQ Cosmetic Acupuncture with Laura Shin, R.Ac

Cosmetic acupuncture has generated a lot of interest as an alternative to many anti-aging cosmetic therapies. We get asked about it a lot at both our High Park and Annex location. We thought it would be great if we could give you the most frequently asked questions right from one of our trained cosmetic acupuncturists. […]

Natural Fertility Free Spring Lecture Series

Join us for our Free Spring Lecture Series on Fertility. Each week, one of our practitioners will talk on their area of expertise with fertility. These short 1 hour information sessions will give you a brief overview and allow you to ask questions about how complementary therapies can support your fertility. Whether you are just thinking about fertility or are in the process of fertility treatment, complementary therapies can be a great addition to your routine! Learn more at Innate Wellness Health Shop! Call us 647-340-7575 or email for more information. Sign up to reserve your spot – space is limited.

If you are already pregnant and curious about our natural approached to pregnancy and delivery check out our Free Spring Lecture Series on Pregnancy at our High Park Location.


The Ultimate Preconception Smoothie

By Liane Wansbrough, Holistic Nutritionist


Increase your fertility and boost your reproductive health by incorporating raw cacao, blueberries and hemp seeds into a delicious smoothie.

Dark chocolate in particular has great benefits for fertility. Research shows that just the smell of chocolate can increase our brain’s theta waves—helping us relax, an important ingredient when trying to get […]

Feel & Look Fabulous for your Valentine!

By Seanna Cohen, Holistic Facial Expert

The season of love is upon us . . . yet it’s the middle of the winter and dry harsh weather is probably wreaking havoc on your skin. Don’t let that stop you though from feeling and looking your best! Get healthy glowing skin with these three simple tips.


Pack to Snack with Healthy Airplane Meals

By Liane Wansbrough, CNP

Airplane food has never been very good—even when it was free. Now that most major airlines charge for meals we’re usually stuck with a mismatched medley of junk food and bland, dodgy looking sandwiches.

Preparing food for trips takes some planning but the rewards are definitely worth it. Having access to fresh fruit, a handful of almonds and some good quality dark chocolate can make a long, cramped flight that much more bearable. Bringing your own snacks can also help you bypass the fast food while in transit.

If time allows I usually try to set myself up (and my kids) for travel by taking the time to eat a good quality meal before we leave for the airport. Then I pack a variety of snacks that will make it through security and last until we get on the plane. […]

Homeopathic Travel First Aid Kit

By Dr. Lara Spector ND

A vacation is an exciting time for most, however for the some of us who experience health issues when away, anxiety can override this excitement. Whether it’s motion sickness, travel anxiety or food poisoning, being prepared with go-to remedies that work, can help you in feeling calm and re-assured.

Homeopathics are fast-acting, natural remedies that can help with most travel related ailments. These remedies are free of side effects and do not interact with conventional therapies. Homeopathic remedies are based on the principle that “like cures like” and certain remedies are chosen based on the similarity to the specific symptoms the person is experiencing.