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Dr. Kathleen Regan, ND is a cofounder at Innate Wellness Naturopathic Medical Centre and Health Shop. She maintains a naturopathic family practice with a special interest in family medicine, prenatal, pregnancy and pediatric care. She also works closely with chronic fatigue, pain, mental-emotional healthand stress management.

What is a ‘Natural Antibiotic’?

We hear a lot in the media about natural alternatives to the flu vaccine, natural antibiotics and immune boosters. Is this a thing? Do natural alternatives exist?

Yes, they do and they have for centuries!! Naturopathic doctors and herbalists call these herbal medicines ‘anti-microbial’ NOT ‘antibiotic’. Meaning that they are typically able to fight a combination of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. They are not as potent as conventional medications but when you are coming down with something these are a great place to start. Or if you have over-used conventional drugs and they just aren’t working – this is a great place to turn!

So, what are these ‘herbs’ and where can you find them? Some common anti-microbial herbs include:

Andrographis: Anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-parasitic. Especially helpful in acute infections.
Barberry: Anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic
Black Walnut: Anti-worm Echinacea angustifolia and purpurea: Immune enhancing, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-parasitic
Golden Seal: Anti-catarrhal (anti-cough & congestion), mucous membrane restorative, anti-bacterial
Holy Basil: Immune enhancing
Olive Leaf: Immune enhancing
Oregon Grape Root: Immune enhancing


4 Basic Supplements for Cold & Flu Prevention

You can TREAT your cold OR… you can PREVENT it! Here are the top 4 basics for immune support this winter.

1. ACES with Zinc. Includes immune boosting Vitamin C but also antioxidant and mineral supports for the immune system including Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Selenium & Zinc.

2. Protein Powder. Too simple to be true? Not […]

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Naturopathic Tricks for Tummy Trouble & Stress in Kids

By Dr. Kathleen Regan, ND

What are the most common causes of tummy aches in children?

Stomach Bug/Parasites

Many a mom ends up being told by the doctor that the stomach pain keeping their little one home from school is just ‘in their head’. This is understandable because children tend to somaticize their worries into stomach pain, musculoskeletal discomfort, and headaches. However, it can be in their head AND in their stomach. In fact, really, it is NEVER just in their heads. This is because of the important and intimate connection between the gut and the brain. […]

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Are Essential Oils Safe for Consumption?

By Dr. Kathleen Regan, ND

Did you know that essential oils started with the medieval physician Avicenna (980 – 1037) from Persia who invented the process of distillation? Before that, plants containing essential oils were used in many ancient cultures for the medicinal and fragrant properties found in the whole plant. These oils were some of humanity’s first medicines! Today we have refined the extraction of essential oils with lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, chamomile, marjoram, jasmine, peppermint, lemon, ylang ylang, and geranium being some of the most popular.

Recently, a number of essential oil companies have begun to recommend pure essential oils for oral consumption. In the multi-level marketing strategy taken by some of these companies, consumers are approached by sales people promoting the health benefits of oral essential oils as safe and effective. I am frequently asked by patients whether this is actually safe. There is no straight forward way to answer this question because there are different ways essential oils can be consumed and there is not a lot of specific research on the safety of oral dosing (especially with the pure oil). […]

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Libido & Fertility

By Dr. Kathleen Regan, ND

No discussion of fertility is complete without talking about sex drive, or libido. Little interest in having sex can influence the likelihood of becoming pregnant for obvious reasons. As well, trying to conceive can be stressful which influences libido and your hormones. Yet, this can be a really difficult subject for women to bring up despite the fact that about 40% of women report some type of sexual dysfunction.

Healthy sex consists of 4 important phases: desire, arousal, orgasm, and resolution. Low libido can be caused by problems in any of the first 3 phases.

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder: Women who don’t experience sexual fantasies or desire for sexual activity occurs in about 5-46% of the population (with post-menopausal populations expressing higher rates).

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder: Women who experience insufficient lubrication-swelling response to sexual excitement occurs in about 8-21% of the population.

Female Orgasmic Disorder: Women who have unusual difficulty reaching an orgasm occurs in about 4 – 24% of the population.

Dyspareunia: Women who don’t like having sex due to persistent pain during intercourse (not due to infection or lack of lubrication) occurs in about 3-18% of the population. […]

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5 Nutrition Tips for Glowing Winter Skin

By Dr. Kathleen Regan, ND

Looking for a natural solution to grey, dull winter skin? Remember that beauty begins on the inside. Try these simple naturopathic nutrition tips to keep your complexion glowing this winter season.

Minimize Alcohol
Choose Herbal, Skin Building Teas
Don’t Cut Out All Carbs
Cod Liver Oil


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Secret Supplements for Aging Skin

With Dr. Kathleen Regan, ND

There is so much more we can do for our wrinkles than serums and creams – although these are important! Did you know that oral supplements also help? Yet when you take a look around a health food shop there aren’t many products available for ‘aging skin’. BUT, if you know what to look for the shelves are brimming with wrinkle repair solutions. Where should you head to find these gems? The JOINT REPAIR section! Aging skin and aching joints have a lot in common when it comes to prevention and repair because they are both types of connective tissue.

FACT: Supplements that repair joint connective tissue can also help repair aging skin


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The Truth about Arginine, Lysine and Herpes

with Dr. Kathleen Regan, ND

Oral herpes is a virus (HSV-1) that can become chronic in the body by remaining dormant in the nervous system. It is able to hide from the immune system in this way however, when immunity is low, it creeps back down the nerves to the skin where it causes cold sores. Keeping our immunse system in tip top shape is one way we can fight this virus but watching our dietary intake of arginine and lysine can also help.


Conquering the Belly Bulge @ Eden Pilates

with Kathleen Regan, ND

Have you been struggling with weight loss? Or wondering why you gain fat in some areas but not in others. Not all fat is created equal! And although it seems like fat just sits there and does nothing – it is actually quite active.

For example, visceral fat that forms deep within the […]

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14 Day Soup & Salad Refresh Program

with Dr. Kathleen Regan, ND

I have to admit, the holiday season gets a little decadent around my home. Each year when January rolls around I get back to my gym routine with heavy feet. Suddenly, a short jog seems a little more doable than a longer run.

This is a light little cleanse I do to […]

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