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Spring is here and summer is fast approaching, and with that EVERYONE wants to find their glow, ditch the winter blues (and for many those holiday pounds that aren’t budging) and overall just feel lighter, more energized and happy.

You can start doing some very simple things now, so when the temperatures start to rise you […]

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Green Detox Liver Juice Recipe

This recipe is amazing for the liver because of the dandelion leaves. The sour taste of a Granny Smith Apple will also help to stimulate liver function. While from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, cucumber and celery are cooling which helps to drain heat and inflammation that builds up in the liver. This juice is […]

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Detox Demystified Part 1

Article By: Dr. Nadia Kumentas ND
Although you may be familiar with the term “detoxification” do you really know what it entails? Most people link doing a detox with weight loss and while this isn’t necessarily false, there is a lot more to consider when we want to partake in a full body detox.To start off, […]

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